СЛУШАЙ                             SLUSHAJ                                           LISTEN





Used by NCO or officer to get the men's attention prior to giving the command.



СТАНОВИСЬ                      STANOVIS                                        FALL IN

Literally meaning ‘FORM RANKS’. This is always accompanied by what type of formation the soldiers are to form.

In the 13th IR we always form a single line, unless otherwise ordered. The tallest soldier stands on the right flank of the

line and the shortest on the left. The NCO and/or Officer takes the far right spot in the line.



ОПРАВИСЬ                          APRAVS                                            STRAIGHTEN UP

This command is gi­ven before getting the soldiers to stand in attention. The STRAIGHTEN UP com­mand tells the soldiers to straighten their uniforms, equipment and head wear. They are usually given a minute to do this.



РАВНЯЙСЬ                          RAVNIAYS                                        ALIGN/ADJUST DRESSING


At this command, the right soldier in the line stands as at ATTENTION while the rest of the soldiers to their left turn their heads to the right and make sure they are perfectly aligned with the line to their right. This posture is held until the command SMEER-NO (ATTENTION) which always follows 3-5 seconds.



СМЙР-НО                             SMEER-NO                                       ATTENTION


This command usually fol­lows the command RAVNIAYS' (ALIGN) . At the command ATTENTION the soldiers snap their heads back towards the front of the line (unless specified ATTENTION LEFT or ATTENTION RIGHT). The heels of the feet must be touching, the toes pointing outward so that the feet form 75 degree angle. Legs are straight, shoulders pulled back, stomach sucked in, chin high up, eyes pointing straight forward. The left hand is ever so slightly bent at the elbow, elbow tight against the side of the body. The digits of the hand are held tightly together, the palm of the hand is open, slightly cupped and held flat against the side of the body. The right arm like the left arm. The right hand rests on the rifle with thumb behind the stock and the rest of the fingers around the front of the stock. The rifle itself stands magazine forward, with the rifle's butt resting flush and touching the front of the right boot's toe.



ВОЛЬНО                               VOL’NO                                             AT EASE


РАЗОЙДИСЬ                        RAZOJDIS                                        DISMISS



НА ПЛЕ-ЧО                          NAPLE-CHO                                     SHOULDER ARMS


The rifle is lifted up with the right hand and is brought in a semi-circle across the front of the body so that the magazine ends up facing the back of the line. The left arm comes slightly forward and the left hand cups the bottom of the butt of the gun. The right hand drops back to initial position at the same time as the rifle gently falls to rest on the left shoulder.



К НО-ГЕ                                KNO-GE                                            ORDER ARMS

The rifle is brought back to stand next to the right foot.



НА КАРАУЛ             NA KARAUL                                     PRESENT ARMS



The rifle is lifted to­wards the centre of the body by the right hand. The magazine is facing the front of the line. The left hand clasps the rifle just above the magazine, after which the right hand drops to grasp the rifle just below the trigger guard. The rifle must make a perfectly vertical line from one's buckle to one's cockade. Check with your peripheral vision to make sure it is lined up vertically with the rifles of the soldier next to you (DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD TO LOOK)



НА РУ-КУ                             NA RU-KU                                         FORWARD BAYONETS



At this com­mand make a quarter turn to the right, move your left leg a half a step forward so that the left foot is in front of the right foot. At the same time the right hand has to bring the rifle forward so that the bayonet is in line with left eye and at neck height. The rifle is to be held firm with both hands: left hand above the second ring and right hand just below the trigger guard.



НА РЕМЕНЬ                        NA REMEN                                      SLING RIFLE

The rifles are slung over the right shoulder. The rifle's butt is slightly til­ted forward. The right arm extends along the rifle and the right hand rests on the magazine with the thumb on the front of the magazine and the fingers wrapped behind the bolt.




НА МОЛИТВУ                    HA MALITVU                                   TO PRAYER


This is a two part com­mand. At first remove the furashka with your left hand by taking it by the beck and bend your left arm so that the hand is at the level of the elbow. Then move the rifle so that the butt stands between your toes, and then tilt the rifle into the crook of the left arm.



НАКРОЙСЬ                          NAKROJS                                         COVER HEAD


First the rifle is moved to position on the right of the right foot. Then the furashka is placed on the head.





The right hand soldier in the line counts off PERVYI (FIRST). As they do this they stand at ATTEN­TION’, looking straight forwards. The soldier im­mediately on their left then counts VTOROY (SE­COND) while briefly turning their head to look at the soldier on their left. The next soldier in line counts off PERVYI again, and they, as well as all remaining soldiers in line also turn their heads to the left when counting off.



РЯДЫ СДВОЙ                     RYADY ZDVOJ                                DOUBLE UP RANKS


At this command numbers "two" take a step back with their left leg. After lifting right leg from original posi­tion it is brought back and at the same time one step to the right IN ONE MOTION, after which the left foot is brought over next to the right foot. As a result, the number "two" will be stan­ding directly behind number "one".



НАПРАВО СОМКНИСЬ               NAPRAVO SAMKNIS                                             TIGHTEN RANKS TO THE RIGHT


Everybody takes the appropriate number of steps to the right to tighten formation. The further one is from the right flank, the more steps have to be taken. Up to three steps are taken sideways without turning. More then three steps are taken by turning right, making the ne­cessary number of steps and turning left.



НАЛЕВО       РАЗОМКНИСЬ                    NALEVO RAZOMKNIS                                          LOOSEN RANKS TO THE LEFT


The direct opposite of TIGHTEN RANKS. (Note that this command can be given to a single line of soldiers. This can be done in increments of more than one step, particu­larly in battle formations when a loose line is required).





ПОВОРОТ                             POVAROT                                         TURN


НА ПРА-ВО                          NA PRA-VO                                      RIGHT FACE


НА ЛЕ-ВО                             NA LE-VO                                         LEFT FACE


КРУ-ГОМ                             KRU-GOM                                        ABOUT TURN


ВПЕРЕД                                VPERED                                            FORWARD


ШАГОМ МАРШ                 SHAGOM MARSH                          QUICK MARCH


БЕГОМ МАРШ                   BEGOM MARSH                             RUN MARCH


ЛЕВО ПЛЕЧО                     LYEVA PLECHA                              LEFT WHEEL



ПРАВО ПЛЕЧО                   PRAVA PLECHA                              RIGHT WHEEL



ПРИВАЛ                               PRIVAL                                             НALT ON THE



МАРШИР НА                       MARSHIR NA                                  MARK TIME

МЕСТЕ                                  MESTE


СТОЙ                                     STOY                                                  STOP


ОГОН                                     OGON                                                OGON


ЧАСТИ                                  CHASTI OGON                                RAPID FIRE



ПРЕКАТИТЬ                        PREKRATIT                                     CEASE FIRE

ОГОН                                     OGON


НАСТУЛПЛЕНИЕ              NASTOOLPLENIE                           ADVANCE


АТАКА                                  ATAKA                                              CHARGE



ОДЕТЬ                                   ODET’                                                WEAR THE

ПРОТИВОГАЗЫ                 PROTIVOGAZY                                GAS MASKS


УБИРАТЬ                             OOBIRAT                                          REMOVE THE

ПРОТИВОГАЗЫ                 PROTIVOGAZY                                GAS MASKS